Monday, December 14, 2009

Michael Lotito's diet

He was a French entertainer. Lotito, who was born in Grenoble, was famous for eating undigestables, and was known as Monsieur Mangetout ("Mister Eat Everything").

His performances were the consumption of metal, glass, rubber, and so on, in items such as bicycles, shopping carts, televisions, a Cessna 150, and smaller items that were disassembled, cut up, and swallowed. The aircraft took roughly two years to be 'eaten' from 1978 to 1980. He began eating unusual material as a child around 9 years of age and performed publicly from 1966.

Lotito did not often suffer from ill effects due to his diet, even after the consumption of materials usually considered poisonous. When performing he consumed around a kilogram of material daily, preceding it with mineral oil and drinking considerable quantities of water during the 'meal'. He said, however, that bananas and hard-boiled eggs made him sick. It is estimated that between 1959?1997 Lotito had eaten around 1 ton of metal.

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