Thursday, March 17, 2011

World's Fattest - Part 1


World's Fattest Toddler (140 lbs)

This 3-year-old Chinese boy tips the scales at a massive ten stone - five times the average weight of the three-year-olds in his class. Such is the concern over his size that Xiao Hao was banned from several pre-schools because staff believed his size posed a risk to classmates.

Medical staff believes he may have ballooned to the weight of a small adult as the result of a growth hormone disorder. Others say he is a victim of China's 'Little Emperor' syndrome where the families are allowed only one child - who is then spoiled rotten by doting relatives.

He has now found a nursery in Guangzhou, southern China, which is happy to accommodate him but his mother Xiao Lin has asked doctors to help him lose weight.






World's Fattest Groom (700 lbs)

The world's heaviest man tied the knot. Manuel Uribe, who hadn't left his bed for six years, married his longtime girlfriend Claudia Solis in northern Mexico. Wearing a white silk shirt with a sheet wrapped around his legs, Uribe smiled as Solis, 38, walked down a flight of stairs wearing a strapless ivory dress, a tiara and hot-pink lipstick. He later broke into tears as a notary declared the couple husband and wife in a civil ceremony attended by more than 400 guests. For the traditional first dance as newlyweds, Uribe and Solis held hands and swayed to a romantic ballad.

Uribe's mother, Orquedia Garza, said the groom steered clear of the five-tier wedding cake.

World's Fattest Cat (50 lbs)

Russia has its fair share of mafia fat cats, but it also has what may be the fattest pet cat in the world. Katy, a five-year-old Siamese from the town of Asbest in the Ural mountains, weighs in at 23 kilograms (50 pounds) - slightly more than the average six-year-old boy. Katy herself achieved her enormous size partly because she was fed hormones to stop her mating.

She has completely lost interest in sex – her only interest is food: she can eat a whole hotdog in under a minute.


America's Fattest President (300 lbs)

William Howard Taft was the 27th President of the United States of America, serving from 1909 to 1913, and served as the 10th Chief Justice of the United States. Taft was severely overweight; legend says he became stuck in the bathtub in the White House several times, prompting the installation of a new bathtub capable of holding all of the men who installed it, something the White House denied. At 6 feet, and weighing over 350 pounds (159 kg), Taft is the heaviest person to be President, although Jefferson, Lincoln, Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, and Clinton were taller. While governor of the Philippines, Taft one day sent a message that read "Went on a horseride today; feeling good." Secretary of War Elihu Root replied, "How's the horse?"








World's Heaviest Baby (17 lbs)

At 7.75 kg (17.1 lb) at birth, Nadia Khalina may have taken the title of the world's heaviest baby. Since birth Nadia has lost some weight but doctors say she could have heart problems.

The heaviest baby ever born weighed 10.8 kg in the United States in 1879 but it died within 11 days. The latest edition of the Guinness Book of Records notes a Brazilian baby born this year weighed 7.57 kg. Nadia, born in 2007, was heavier.


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