Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bizarre Stories of People Getting Stuck - Part 2


The grandmother who got trapped in her own bathroom for 3 weeks

A French woman was rescued after getting trapped in her own bathroom for three weeks. The 69-year-old grandmother got stuck after the lock on the door snapped behind her. Despite banging for help for nearly a month, she was forced to survive on tap water before neighbors realized what had happened. They had thought the noises during the night had just been workmen carrying out maintenance. The unnamed grandmother was rescued from her apartment in Essone, near Paris, by police. They said she had been in a terrible state when they forced their way into the bathroom.

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The prisoner who got stuck in bars while trying to escape

He was presumably hoping to reach 2010 a free man on the run but it seems he forgot to meticulously plan his escape route. Prisoner Roberto Carrillo attempted to flee his cell in a Mexican jail in Valle Hermoso on New Year's Eve. The 42-year-old tried to squeeze himself through the gap between the roof of the prison and the bars of his cell. But instead of sneaking through, he ended up completely stuck and hanging upside down. He was forced to call for help and laughing guards came to his aid and cut him free using a chain saw - before locking him up once again.

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The daredevil who got stuck 610 ft up in the air with his motorcycle

High-wire motorcyclist Mustafa Danger lived up to his name after becoming stuck 610 ft up in the air during a world record attempt. The Moroccan high-wire specialist ground to a halt during his attempt in the Spanish beach resort of Benidorm. Danger had already delayed the stunt for several days due to bad weather, before attempting the 1,640 ft crossing without any safety net.

The wire, strung between the 43rd floors of the Tossal de La Cala and the Gran Hotel Bali, unfortunately proved too much for Danger to complete on his first attempt. After coming within feet of his target, Danger shuddered to a halt, before he and his assistant - suspended on a frame below the bike to act as ballast - were towed to safety. Danger eventually succeeded on his second attempt.

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The boy who got stuck inside an arcade machine

They say the fun's in the taking part. But someone forgot to explain that to Christopher Air.
And when his mother Elaine took the three-year-old to the games on the family's holiday in Skegness, he just wanted to get his hands on the winnings. For a while, he had been playing happily on the craneteddy bearprizes are delivered, and squeezed inside. But it proved more difficult to get out than in - especially as the arcade owner couldn't locate the keys. Mrs Air, 33, of Grangetown, Sunderland, added: 'Initially, Christopher was laughing. But then a crowd started to gather and he got upset and started crying.' After 30 minutes, he was released - and is sure to have learned his lesson. with its mechanical arm. But he wasn't having any success. And as Mrs Air went to change a £20 note so he could try again, Christopher took matters into his own hands. Rather like a scene in the film Toy Story, he spotted the flap on the machine, from where the
machine, trying to pick up a




The French woman who got stuck in an elevator for 3 days

A French woman's Christmas celebrations were almost ruined after she got stuck in a lift for 72 hours. The 19-year-old, identified only as Safiatou, got into the lift in a Parisian housing estate. She was found dehydrated but alive three days later. Safiatou's father had contacted the building concierge to say his daughter could be stuck in the lift. The concierge and a repair

The following day the missing woman's father, who had told police of her disappearance, filed a complaint of non-assistance to a person in danger - a crime in France. Despite this, it was not until 3 days later, when a technician returned to complete repair work, that a soft cry was heard and the woman was found. It is apparently unclear why Safiatou did not cry out for help earlier. man went to check but found nobody and said no alarm had gone off.



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